PT. Berkat Sarana Aircon (BSA) is the appointed sole distributor of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries since 2007

Duct Connected -High Static Pressure- FDU

Model No.

  • FDU45KXE6F
  • FDU56KXE6F
  • FDU71KXE6F
  • FDU90KXE6F
  • FDU112KXE6F
  • FDU140KXE6F
  • FDU160KXE6F
  1. You can set External Static Pressure (E.S.P.) by method of manual setting on remote control. Indoor unit will control fan-speed to keep rated air flow volume at each fan speed setting. You can set required E.S.P. by wired remote control that calculated with the set air flow rate and pressure loss of the duct connected.
  2. Dirt condition of the bottom of a drain pan can be checked through this transparent inspection window without removing drain pan.