PT. Berkat Sarana Aircon (BSA) is the appointed sole distributor of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries since 2007


Concept of System

  • Easy Installation
  • Space saving installation
  • Low construction cost
  • Easy operation & Maintenance
  • High efficiency & Performance
  1. EEV-KIT is a control kit for operating a locally provided AHU and/or fan coil units with direct expansion heat exchanger coils in connection with KXZ system.
  2. EEV-KIT is composed of, EEV-Control ASSY and EEV-Set.
  3. EEV-KIT uses controlling technology of KXZ.
  4. Therefore can be connect to superlink system.
  5. A remote controller for KXZ can be used.
  6. Operation command to indoor fan motors is sent from EEV-KIT.
  7. Switching between return air temperature control and supply air temperature control can be done.