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Fresh Air Ventilation and Heat Exchange unit SAF-E6

Model No.

  • SAF150E6
  • SAF250E6
  • SAF350E6
  • SAF500E6
  • SAF650E6
  • SAF800E6
  • SAF1000E6

Energy Performance of Building Directive – EPBD
EPBD limit the amount of electrical/gas power to be used to provide heating or cooling in commercial buildings. Therefore the building designer needs to select energy efficient heating/cooling equipment, and to minimise energy losses through ventilation systems.

The SAF recovers heat energy which would otherwise be exhausted to atmosphere, and uses this energy to warm the air entering the building. The reverse happens in warmer climates, where the exhausted cool air is used to partially cool the incoming air.

Capturing this waste energy, means the heating/ cooling requirements of the building are reduced, so smaller size plant can be selected, savings can be made in long term energy consumption, and carbon emissions are reduced.