PT. Berkat Sarana Aircon (BSA) is the appointed sole distributor of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries since 2007

Standard KXZ Series

The KXZ product lineup has been extended to offer solutions delivering up to 60 horsepower (60HP) when using a combination
of 3 outdoor units. Furthermore with the addition of the Hi-COP series, installation options have been greatly increased.

Heat pump systems

The heat pump systems operate with 2 inter-connecting pipes, thus commonly referred to as a ‘2-pipe system’.

These systems provide either a heating or cooling operation to all indoor units and are suitable for a wide range of applications from an individual apartment to an entire multi storey building, especially where there are significant open plan areas to be controlled.
The range starts with a 11.2kW cooling capacity, up to 20HP with 56.0kW cooling capacity. Outdoor units can also be “twinned” or “tripled” providing up to 60HP/168.0kW on a single system.

The range has a total piping length of 1000m (KXZ) and the furthest indoor unit can be connected up to 160m (KXZ) from the outdoor unit.

The KXZ heat pump 2-pipe systems offer high performance VRF for
applications that require either cooling only or heating only, ideal
for open plan areas.

  • Connect up to 29 indoor units/up to 130% capacity.
  • High efficiency with COP (in cooling) up to 3.9.
  • KXZ employs DC inverter compressors ONLY.
  • Industry leading total piping length up to 1000m and a maximum pipe run of 160m.